A new kind of review…..

A new kind of review…..

Posted by on Dec 4, 2013 in Blog, Self and Family Defense

So….  I’ve decided to do something a little bit different and different from what I’ve seen out there, folk.  We’ll see if people like it or not.

The short story is this…the world today is a dangerous place and I have come to believe that everyone needs to be prepared.  Prepared for what?  Well, the most common issue that could threaten a family today would be inclement weather or a natural disaster.  What…did you think I was going to say “the revolution?” 🙂  Nope!  Now I know there’s a lot of that on the web as far as “disaster preparedness” goes, some of it even getting down to the level of what I would call political.  But I’m not going to go there.

True, I believe the other main issue facing families today IS personal defense and defense of the family from criminal elements.  I will address that kind of issue as well.  There definitely is a need to be prepared for disasters, and this DOES encompass much more than just weapons.

Look, I’ve never owned a gun.  I’ve trained competitively in jujitsu, kickboxing, judo and various other martial arts and taught jujitsu as well.  I’ve taught women’s self defense seminars.  I’ve been privileged to have met some really talented martial artists like Oleg Taktarov and Dan Severn and even participated in events with them.  I’ve always felt that if needed, those skills would probably be enough to safeguard myself and my family if, god forbid, I ever seriously needed to use my skills.  But you know what?  I was dead wrong.

First of all, my skills would be nothing in the face of a natural disaster.  Tornados don’t care about how well you can throw on an arm bar or sleeper hold!  Advancing age is a factor as well.  Face it, when you hit 40, unless you are truly exceptional, you cannot perform physically the same way you did when you were 20.  Note I didn’t say you can’t perform WELL, I’m just saying it’s not the SAME.  Finally, there’s just so many reports these days of criminals enacting home invasions and other crimes in pairs or gangs.  So it’s not always just one ‘bad guy,’ in fact it often isn’t.  Again, no matter how tough you are, more than one assailant is a tough order to fill.

So, I’m going to start addressing disaster preparedness and self/family defense.  I will address much more than just weapons.  I feel that getting a gun or a knife is only one SMALL facet of preparing yourself and your family.  In fact, focusing solely or mostly on that is downright dangerous in my opinion.  So I will focus on everything from health and fitness, food and water storage, equipment and clothing.  And yes, I’ll review and discuss weapons as well.

I’m going to try something different though.  Almost every site or video I’ve seen has had people reviewing this gun or that gun, or this knife or flashlight.  I’ve watched a LOT of these and I’ve always come up with the same questions.  In a review that someone does for a few days, or one afternoon of shooting or even a few weeks, how can someone do that and “recommend” a product as ‘reliable’ or recommend it truly at all?

Now I get that there are review periods, I know how that all works having reviewed computer products in the past.  As I’ve said already though, I feel that preparedness is serious business and for that I believe there’s room and need out there for serious reviews and recommendations.

As a result, you won’t see a hundred different gun, knife or equipment reviews out here.  At least not for a LONG time.  Anything I “review” I will be using LONG TERM.  By that I mean at least 3-6 months and preferably a year.  I will actually use the products day to day or week to week as is practical.  That way, beyond just initial impressions and use, I can evaluate, detail and recommend products having spent enough time for something to fail or for problems to crop up.

I think there’s definitely a need for this type of long term approach to things.  The other aspect of what I’ll be doing is this: I’m a professional.  I’m not an outdoorsman.  I work in an office.  I’m not ‘that guy’ who’s real mechanically inclined and who loves roughing it in the woods and such.  In fact, I’m more of a technophile as you can tell from my other articles on programming.  So I think I can truly bring more of an “average guy” approach to reviews, personal and family defense issues as well as disaster preparation.

My first long term reviews will be posted up shortly.  Let me know what you think of this concept and definitely let me know what you think of my reviews and posts!  Hopefully I’ll be able to find companies willing to help out and provide equipment for reviews even though this isn’t the typical disaster prep sort of site.  We will see.  If not, it’s all good.  None of us in the real world have access to all kinds of equipment and instead we need to do research and make educated decisions on our own.  I’ll do that as well and share what I find with you.  I think this will be fun!

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