How to Get Started..

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How to Get Started..

Getting Started With iOS Programming…


Assuming you have little or no experience with programming the iPhone or iPad, resources appear to be a bit limited.  Most books you’ll find start out with a very basic app called “Hello World.”  You’ll feel comfortable that your getting started, only to run into a brick wall.  Because the next chapters pick up about a light year further down the road.

That’s right, the next chapters start off with assuming you’ve been programming in C, C++, Java or some other object oriented language for the past few years and now you’re just trying to learn the particulars of how to do the same for the iPhone.  So what do you do now?

Well, if you do what I did, you go on to the next book that looks likely….and you find the same thing.  The facts are that there are relatively few real resources for someone who is truly a beginner, or who is getting back into coding after years of absence and isn’t already familiar with OOP (Object Oriented Programming).  Here however, are a few good books that can get you started and take you from the very basics to a more intermediate level.

Don’t forget, that in trying to learn to program, you are going to be your own biggest obstacle.  This isn’t super easy.  If it was, everyone could do it and they can’t.  The good news is though that everyone can’t do it because they haven’t tried, not because it isn’t possible.  You just will have to discipline yourself and put the time in.  My next post will cover another resource and some of what I see as your biggest obstacles to overcome as well as how I recommend you DO overcome them.  For now, check out any books you’ve found and if you need help, perhaps these books below can help get you started:

Objective-C for Absolute Beginners (2nd edition)-  by Gary Bennett, Mitchell Fisher and Brad Lees

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iPhone and iPad Apps for Absolute Beginners- by Dr. Rory Lewis

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